Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to begin the exit process?
  • A copy of your most recent maintenance bill.
  • A copy of all purchase and or upgrade agreements.
  • A copy of the deed, if there is one.
  • Login ID & password for the timeshare web site. For your security please change the password to something generic, not one of your usual passwords.
What if I can’t find any of the above documents?

You can call your timeshare developer and request the docs, or you can sign a Limited Power of Attorney with us, and we’ll contact your developer to get the missing docs.

Is there a fee for your services?
  • Our consultation to determine if we can help cancel your timeshare contract is free.
  • There is a fee for our services. However, we strive to be the lowest cost exit in the business. If someone is charging a lower fee, spend a little extra time in your due diligence to make sure they’re for real.
  • We know what the attorneys cost, and because of our use of technology, we know no one can legitimately beat our price and still keep the doors open.
Can you help me sell my timeshare?
  • If you own one of the rare timeshares that has some residual value, we will advise you how to sell, but we will not charge you for that advice. If your timeshare has some value, be prepared that it’s a small fraction of what you paid for it.
  • You should never pay anyone to help you sell your timeshare, any more that you would pay up-front for a realtor to sell your home.
Then why do I pay you up-front for your exit services?
  • We are contracting with attorneys on your behalf to complete your exit process. We pay these attorneys up-front for every timeshare contract we submit. That’s what keeps our costs down.
  • We could wait until your exit is completed to collect the funds. However, if we were to wait 3-9 months to get paid, we would need to charge much higher fees to justify the wait and you would be asking us to trust you. While many people are trustworthy, some are not. We again, would need to charge higher fees to make up for those who refused to pay after a successful exit.
Why not put the money in escrow until the exit is finalized?

Same answer as above. If we were to wait until the exit is completed, we would need to charge higher fees. We must be able to pay our bills and employees every month, and that is paid from our monthly exit revenue.

Can you tell me the name of the attorneys you use?
  • The simply answer is no. The biggest reason our exit fee is reasonable is we insulate the attorneys from the clients. Even a 30 minute conversation with an attorney can cost $100’s of dollars.
  • Our contract with them specifically states that we cannot reveal their names.If we gave you their names, you would pick up the phone and call them.That would cost both of us.
  • We prepare the file, they do the heavy lifting, and we send you the final exit letter.
  • The attorneys we use do not work directly with the public.
Will our names be off the timeshare deed forever?

The deed is legally transferred back to the timeshare developer.

If I have a current reservation, will I be able to take the vacation?
  • If your reservation is directly with the developer you own with, you will not be able to take the trip, unless we wait until after the vacation to begin the exit process and, of course we can do that but we are sure you want out so for the sake of expediting the process it’s best not.
  • If you’ve banked your week, or reserved a week with one of the exchange companies, such as RCI or II, you should be able to use those vacations. This is based on our current understanding of the way the exchange companies work with you. It is possible their policies will change in the future. We strive to stay up to-date with their policies to make sure you are well informed, however, we cannot guarantee how they choose to treat your banked or reserved weeks.
  • It is also important to search online for other ways to stay at your desired resort? It is almost always cheaper to rent the time from one of dozens of sites, than it is to pay your maintenance fees plus the high exchange fees charged by RCI & II.Even if the rental cost is the same, or even a little more than your annual maintenance fees, wouldn’t you rather pay only when you go, rather than whether you go or not?
  • Lastly if we are going through the points of argument stating our claims to get you out of your timeshare then you can see how it would not be beneficial giving the timeshare developers the point of contention in where they could argue “you see, your client is making use and enjoyment of their timeshare” that would surely not be beneficial.
Do I keep making my mortgage payments to the TS Advisory company?
  • We cannot legally advise you to stop making your payments.
  • However, we can’t help you if you continue paying the bill.Our attorneys will be unable to complete your exit if you continue making your monthly payments.
If I stop my payments, will my credit be affected?
  • It is possible that your credit will be adversely affected.It is very rare for a timeshare company to report derogatory information to your credit report after receiving a “Cease and Desist” from one of our attorneys.It does happen, but it is extremely rare.
  • Beware of companies that tell you they guarantee that your credit will not be affected. No one can guarantee what another company will do.
What if I have a secret security clearance, and I can’t allow my credit to be affected?

We have dealt with this situation many times.We can provide you a letter to give to your boss, human resources department, or superior officer.This letter will inform them that you have contracted with a company who is using a legal process to cancel your timeshare contract, and that while it is possible that derogatory information may be posted to your credit report, in most cases that derogatory information can be removed by a credit repair service, or by you disputing the information directly with the credit bureaus.In almost every case we are disputing the validity of the contract due to fraudulent sales practices, and therefore we are requesting a waiver of adverse credit reporting.

What if my boss, HR, or superior officer refuses to give me a waiver?

In that case your only option is to pay off the mortgage, either with another loan, or from savings.Once the mortgage is paid off, you can contact us for help cancelling your timeshare contract.

What if my credit rating is more important to me than getting rid of my timeshare(s)?
  • Our experience is that less than 2% of our clients experience derogatory information reported to the credit bureaus.
  • If your credit score is more important to you than ridding your family of this forever debt, then we cannot help you.
  • We would suggest that your credit score can be repaired either by a credit repair service, or by you disputing the validity of the derogatory information.If this fails, your credit score will recover.
  • We will provide the documentation necessary to dispute any derogatory credit information.
If I have a maintenance bill due within the next year, do I pay it?

As we stated above, we can’t legally advise you not to pay a bill. We CAN complete the exit if you choose to continue paying your maintenance bill. However, it can delay the process.

What are the ramifications of not paying my maintenance bill?
  • It is possible that you will receive collection calls from the developer or a third party company.
  • Once they receive a “Cease and Desist” letter from the attorney, they will not be allowed to contact you via phone. Only email and snail mail. They have 30 days to stop the calls.
  • Our strong advice is to ignore those calls.You have no reason to talk to them.
  • It is possible your credit will be adversely affected.
  • It’s even rarer to see derogatory credit reporting for missed maintenance bills, unless it’s been several years of missed payments.
What if I have an ex-spouse or ex-significant other on the contract?
  • If there is a deed involved, then you will both need to sign the deed back over to the TS Advisory company.
  • If there is a divorce decree stating that you own the timeshare, we only need your signature.
What if my significant other wants to keep the timeshare?

First, we’ll recommend counseling for them. If they still want to keep it, we recommend exiting the joint ownership, then they can go to eBay and buy one for a $1.

If there are two or more owners on the timeshare contract, do we all need to sign your exit paperwork?
  • We only need one signature to begin the exit process.However, if there is a deed, then you will all need to sign the “Quitclaim Deed”, deeding the timeshare back to the developer. This form must be notarized.
  • If only one of you signs our paperwork, then it’s up to you to make sure the other owner(s) are in agreement to exit the timeshare. If we complete our process, and your other owner(s) decide to keep the TS Advisory, we will not refund your exit fee.

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